Q: Is this children friendly

A: Due to a few constraints and limitations the couple decided to have an evening adults mostly wedding including family children only as much as possible. The couple love all of their friends, family and their children so if you have any concerns please reach out to the couple directly and they will be as felxible as possible. Thank you for understanding.

Q: Can I RSVP more than my allowed number on the RSVP page?

A: The venue has a headcount cap, although the couple would love to have more guests they unfortunately cannot. Please reach out to the couple directly if you have a pressing concern. Thank you for being understanding.

Q: Will there be food for special diets?

A: Currently there is the regular menu and a vegan option. If any of the guests have a specific dietary concern, please reach out to the couple directly and they will do their best to accomodate. Food will be served buffet style so you can pick and choose based on that and the catering company will be able to answer any specific ingredient concerns you may have onsite.

Q: Will there be a security pat down?

A: This can definitely be arranged should our guests want to be patted down. :)

Q: Is there a shuttle?

A: Unfortunately there is not a shuttle. Due to the location there were not options for this amenity. The couple apologizes. There is parking onsite and the couple recommends you carpool as much as posisble to save space and designate a DD so you are all safe.

Q: Can guests take photos during the ceremony.

A: The couple would like for the ceremony to be completley unplugged. The couple requests their guests be fully present for this very special time and moment. There are professional photographers and videographers that will capture all of these moments on film and the couple will share these with guests after the wedding. Feel free to shoot away once the ceremony has concluded.

Q: Can I wear black.

A: Absolutely! In fact the bride would absolutely love it if you did.

Are gloves allowed?

Yes! get your flow on.

Q: What are the wedding colors so I don't clash?

A: This is a multicolor wedding, feel free to dress in any color you feel comfortable in. Just don't wear white. The bride never wears let's make this day count.

Q: Will there be alcohol?

A: Yes, there will be a full bar.

Q: What is your wedding hashtag?

A: #SheilaMetHerMattch
Nazia Hyder